Faculty and Staff

  Applegate, Linda
Experience: 11 years
Responsibility: CAD I; AP Senior English; Adv. Junior English; Senior English
Degree(s): Sinclair Community College. Associate 1989 Architecture
Wright State University. B.A. 2001 Language Arts
Wright State University. M.A. 2002 English
Email Address: l.applegate@lehmancatholic.com
  Barhorst, Michael
Experience: 39 years
Responsibility: President
Degree(s): Ohio State University B.S. 1972 Social Studies
University of Dayton M.S. 1981 Educational Administration
Email Address: m.barhorst@lehmancatholic.com
  Capote, Jose R.
Experience: 19 years
Responsibility: Spanish I, II, III, IV; Dual Enrollment (Edison); Foreign Language Dept. Chair; Advisor Sophomore Class
Degree(s): University of Havana School of Law Doctorate of Jurisprudence 1979
Email Address: j.capote@lehmancatholic.com
  Cordonnier, Henry
Experience: 37 years
Responsibility: Religion 101, 102, 201, 301; Health
Degree(s): Miami University B.S. 1975 Biological Science, Earth Science, Driver Education
Email Address: h.cordonnier@lehmancatholic.com
  Garmhausen, Debra
Experience: 24 years
Responsibility: Intervention Specialist
Degree(s): Miami University B.S. 1972 Education
University of Dayton M.S. 1995 Education
Email Address: d.garmhausen@lehmancatholic.com
  Hall, Tracy
Experience: 10 years
Responsibility: Biology; Anatomy I, II; Environmental Science
Degree(s): Wilmington College B.S. 1992 Sports Medicine
Walden University M.S. 2008 Education
Email Address: t.hall@lehmancatholic.com
  Harrmann, Joe
Experience: 3 years
Responsibility: Computer Apps I, II; Accounting I, II, III; Introduction to Business; Business II; Business/Computer Dept. Chair; Advisor Freshman Class
Degree(s): University of Dayton B.S. 2006 Business Mgt, Sports Mgt
Email Address: j.harrmann@lehmancatholic.com
  Hess, Reverend Dan
Experience: 2 years
Responsibility: Religion 401; Modern Moral Issues; Religion Dept. Chair; School Chaplain
Degree(s): Franciscan University B. S.
University of Notre Dame Juris Doctorate
Mount St. Marys Seminary Athenaeum of Ohio Master of Divinity Master of Theology
Email Address: d.hess@lehmancatholic.com
  Hoying, Charles
Experience: 33 years
Responsibility: Guidance Counselor
Degree(s): Miami University B.S. 1980 Education
University of Dayton M.E. 1993 Education Counseling
Email Address: c.hoying@lehmancatholic.com
  Johnson, Jake
Experience: 14 years
Responsibility: Assistant Principal; Technology Coordinator; Lunch Moderator
Degree(s): Xavier University B.A. 1997 History Secondary Education
Email Address: j.johnson@lehmancatholic.com
  Maxson, Elizabeth
Experience: 5 years
Responsibility: English II, III; Latin I, II, III; Advisor Junior Class
Degree(s): Wright State University B.A. English
Sinclair College A.A. Dance
Wright State University M.A. Education
Email Address: l.maxson@lehmancatholic.com
  McGreevy, Kathy
Experience: 11 years
Responsibility: Business Manager
Degree(s): Edison College Associate's Degree of Applied Business in Accounting
Email Address: k.mcgreevy@lehmancatholic.com
  Prenger, Kerry
Experience: 1st year
Responsibility: Art History I, II; Art Fundamentals; Ceramics/Graphic Arts; Studio Art
Degree(s): University of St. Francis BA 2008 Visual Arts
Email Address: k.prenger@lehmancatholic.com
  Ratermann, Joe
Experience: 1st year
Responsibility: Geography; US History; Government
Degree(s): Wright State Univ. BA 1993 International Studies
George Mason Unv. Juris Doctorate 1997
Email Address: j.ratermann@lehmancatholic.com
  Roll, Richard
Experience: 37 years
Responsibility: Athletic Director; Weight Lifting/Conditioning; P.E./Health Dept. Chair
Degree(s): Wilmington College B.S. 1976 Education, Physical Education, Industrial Education
Email Address: r.roll@lehmancatholic.com
  Safreed, Melissa
Experience: 24 years
Responsibility: Psychology; Algebra I; Trigonometry/Algebra III; Elementary Algebra; Basic Geometry; Dual Enrollment (WSU)
Degree(s): College of Mt. St. Joseph B.A. 1988 Mathematics, Chemistry
University of Dayton M.A. 1994 Counseling
Email Address: m.safreed@lehmancatholic.com
  Saluke, Barbara
Experience: 32 years
Responsibility: Senior Guidance
Degree(s): Bowling Green State University B.S. 1980 Education
University of Dayton M.S. 1991 Counseling
Email Address: b.saluke@lehmancatholic.com
  Scherer, Sister Ginny
Experience: 50 years
Responsibility: AP Chemistry; Physics; Chemistry; Dual Enrollment (Edison and WSU); Science Department Chair; Advisor Senior Class
Degree(s): College of Mt. St. Joseph B.A. 1962 Math, Chemistry
University of Notre Dame M.S. 1971
Email Address: g.scherer@lehmancatholic.com
  Schmiesing, Joseph
Experience: 10 years
Responsibility: Religion 202, 302, 402; English I; Economics; Social Studies Department Chair
Degree(s): The Franciscan University of Steubenville B.A. 2003 History
Email Address: j.schmiesing@lehmancatholic.com
  Schweller-Snyder, Elaine
Experience: 39 years
Responsibility: Band (9-12); Holy Angels Band (5-8); All Choirs; Journalism; Music Dept. Chair; Public Relations
Degree(s): University of Dayton B.S. 1973 Music Education
Bowling Green State University M.M. 1978 Music Education
Email Address: e.snyder@lehmancatholic.com
  Stauffer, Denise
Experience: 25 years
Responsibility: Principal
Degree(s): College of Mt. St. Joseph B.A. 1988 Phys. Ed/Health, Biology
University of Dayton M.E. 1998 Administration
Email Address: d.stauffer@lehmancatholic.com
  Wagner, Tony
Experience: 36 years
Responsibility: Pre-Calculus; Calculus; AP Calculus; Dual Enrollment (Edison and WSU)
Degree(s): Unv. Of Dayton Education Specialist 1996
Univ. Of Dayton Masters 1980 Education
Wright State Unv. BS 1977 Education
Email Address: t.wagner@lehmancatholic.com
  Weber, Jenny
Experience: 4 years
Responsibility: Integrated Science; Chemistry; AP Biology
Degree(s): St. Louis Univ. BA Biology
Email Address: j.weber@lehmancatholic.com
  Wendel, Pam
Experience: 34 years
Responsibility: Algebra II; Geometry; Sociology; Dual Enrollment (WSU); Math Dept. Chair
Degree(s): Bowling Green State University B.S. 1977 Math, German
Wright State University M.E. 1984 Education Curriculum & Supervision
Email Address: p.wendel@lehmancatholic.com